Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘If you do have any open questions, regarding our resort, please kindly check our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have a question that is not being answered to your satisfaction, please kindly send us an Email to: and we will be happy to answer your questions.’

Although the majority of our guests are on one of our retreats, you are welcome to just come for a great holiday!

Other than certain times of year we have no minimum stay regulations , however to gain any real benefit you will need at least three full days.

Yes, we have some facilities for children however; children under sixteen are not allowed in the spa or gym areas.

No, not at all. Many of our guests are singles and you will have plenty of opportunity to interact with other guests during your stay and at mealtimes we have specially hosted tables for our lone travellers.

No! Well, yes if you really have to. Remember you came to relax. We provide high-speed wireless internet access in the lobby as well as the business center. You may use the computers available in the business center if you do not have your own laptop.

The dress code is fairly liberal in Muscat, although decency is still expected. Women should wear, for example, tops with sleeves, and long skirts or trousers. Men are required to wear long trousers and shirts with sleeves. Shorts, Sun tops and Swimwear should be restricted to the beach or pools. Hats and scarves give good protection from the sun.