Muscat Festival 2014

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Muscat Festival 2014

February 18th 2014 - February 23rd 2014

Since its inception in 1998, Muscat Festival has proved to be more than just a celebratory, cultural and artistic event, or merely an entertaining forum in which civilizations come together, involving multilingual activities. Yet, it is also marked by another magical touch, with a past and present sense spreading all over. It is a festival of all colors. Thanks to its gaiety and warmth of the time and place, various people of different nationalities, blending in continuity, as well as attraction, of the diversity of performances and events, are attracted.

Once the Festival symphony starts on, life should flow into the veins of the economic and tourist body, with its pulses dancing in thrill with every single tone of such symphony, hence glowing and activating more and more. Moreover, its different sectors should experience a movement, it would never have seen in other periods. It is annually renewed vivacity as well as a meeting motivating everyone and passionately set in agendas and timings.

With the launch of the start signal of the preparation and processing of the Festival next session, which will inaugurate its activities with the beginning of next year 2013 with a new look and renewable global events with varying their locations to cover the largest segment of the Sultanate and embodying the development and thrive wheel under the rational and wise leadership of our ruler HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may Allah protect him, the Muscat Municipality is looking forward to the concerted efforts and continued support of the private sector for this rich-in-diversity event. This is accomplished through the different financial and in-kind contributions on which we depend a lot for the success of this event, in return for many promotional and marketing privileges that will be granted to the sponsors according to their different categories and volume of contributions.

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